ZIP Proposal

How can visual media be used to portray literary elements?

When we read a book, we receive words. Those words transfer into our mind to paint a picture of the scene. When we watch a movie, we receive auditory words and moving visuals that paint a much more explicit picture. Both of these media (when done right) are designed to help the reader infer what they will about the characters, the plot and the fictional world. But is it possible to create something that lets the audience get a clear understanding of the text without using words, but still lets them infer what they will to create personal meaning? This is what I am setting out to do. To tell a story that sets the groundwork for the audience to infer their meaning  without words, and telling it entirely visually through cinemagraphs.

This is a challenge I wish to take on as it is something I have rarely seen being done, but when done right, can be phenomenally effective. I love taking pictures, and expanding that into something new would be great. I am excited for ZIP this year as it will allow me to improve skill I already have (photography, video editing) while also learning how to use those in new ways. I decided on using cinemagraphs instead of telling a story through a silent film, as I with a film, I already know how do that and doing the same thing would be pointless. by setting this restriction on myself, I will have to learn many new skills and techniques, but also get a deeper and more thorough understanding of how stories are made compelling, which is one of the things I want to learn.

I also have many obstacles to overcome. As I have never seen something like this, I would like to believe that I am “pioneering” a proto-art form, and with that, there will be many struggles. By not having something to work off, I will have to experiment myself with what works well and what doesn’t.

There are not a lot resources specific to what I am doing, so I will have to analyze different types of media to determine how I can implement what made them effective and how that translates into my medium. I am hoping to present my work to the class via a powerpoint as well as a 2-3 minute video of my final product

I wish to learn many things during this ZIP project, but my main focus points under my umbrella question are:

How do literary elements give way to telling a compelling and effective story?

How can these elements be represented solely through visuals?

My schedule for learning isn’t set in stone, and will probably change as I learn more, but as of right now it is:

December 7-11: Research

December 12-15: Plan what I will be shooting

December 16-30: Start shooting!

December 31- January 6: Make the presentation

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