My approach to eminent this year was radically different than what I have done for the past eminent(or any other project). I decided to focus not on Ive’s specific details and information, but rather focus on what he has done for people, how he has affected the world, and his mindset/philosophy. Yes I did do some research, but it was just to get into Ive’s head. In fact, I don’t know about Ive’s specific details in his life. I know sorta about his childhood(I have no idea when his birthday was), and know his degrees, but not a whole lot else I deemed not important. Now this may seem like I’m lazy and didn’t bother to truly understand my eminent person, but I just don’t see that as important, and I wasn’t lazy, I studied and developed a whole new mindset; I can think like Ive now. If you were to talk to Ive himself and ask him about his life and what he’s done, he might bring up his schools or personal life, but most importantly, he would emphasize his creations and the thought process behind them; he would embed a bit of himself on you. This was my goal for this years eminent. To truly think like my eminent person and not care about the facts.

My speech embodies this philosophy I had towards eminent. It didn’t have any dates(well one but I don’t count that), or numbers. Instead it focused on Ive introducing the world the iMac G3 and why it was so significant. I was able to get across the mindset of what Ive was thinking with removing all the ports. There were also a few jokes to lighten the mood and hook the audience as it is something Ive would do in an appropriate setting(such as being asked to speak casually about his accomplishments). Overall, I was pleased with the way my speech portrayed Ive.

For my learning center, I had multiple parts to it and I worked for close to 40 hours on it.

There were a few key parts:

The Apple products-I had close to 50 apple products that I showcased. This was great for initiating conversations about older Apple products. I also heard a lot of people point at certain devices and say something along the lines of “I remember having one of those”. I had to contact multiple people and organizations in order to get all of them, and in the end, I actually couldn’t showcase all of them as there wasn’t enough space.

The Apple logo-This took me around 4 hours to make and was positioned up high to draw attention to my learning center and give people a rough idea of who Ive is(Apple related).

The ports flowchart-this was a flowchart I made to show the ports apple (and therefore Ive) have killed. It posed the question of, “why do i keep innovating?” and related to my speech.

As well i had a lot of various other posters and interactive components.

A two minute clip of me at my learning center: