For my learning center I went back and forth between multiple ideas, as there is so much to show with Jony Ive. I always knew that I wanted to showcase multiple Apple products and their design evolution, just not how. I originally was going to try and replicate the Apple store feel, with glass and wood to display all of the products and talk about them, as well as having a short writeup on each. However, this approach was limiting, as I found that it would be hard to include other things such as activities and posters as the general aesthetic would be thrown off. Not only that, replicating an Apple store would be no easy feat, as I would need to make the tables and secure glass. I realized that this was not the best approach, so I decided to still showcase different products, but in a simpler way. I plan on having a row of tables with a simple tablecloth and place the products on that.

As for getting the products, I made a post to the TALONS Facebook group asking for Apple products(to all of you that helped me out I am very appreciative), as well as contact Mr. Udell, who has a couple old Macs, iPhones and iPods. I also contacted my mom’s school which has a few old Macs I can use. However, not all my attempts were successful. I tried to contact my old elementary school via email (Eagle Ridge), as I know they have some old iMacs if the challenge room, but they never got back to me. I also contacted a computer thrift store/recycling center in Vancouver(Free Geek) as I’m sure they have some old Macs, however, they also never got back to me. I also phoned an Apple store directly, but they said that they don’t loan products out(worth a try I guess).

Apart from showcasing Apple’s evolving design, I also wanted to have some interactive components where people could try out some of their most innovative human interface designs(remember, Ive designs both software and hardware). I am planning on having a comparision between portrait mode and an actual DSLR camera as portrait mode is a pretty amazing feature that is so easy to use. I am also planning to showcase ARKit through a few AR apps as well as a bit of information on a poster about ARKit (it is actually really easy for dev’s to use and basically a game changer with AR). My final idea for interactive component’s as this time is to showcase the touchscreen on a mobile phone. I will have a station setup where people can see phones that used physical keyboards and compare those to the iPhone’s intuitive approach to this.

I also plan to have a flow chart of Apple’s killing of ports over the years and how overtime everything has evolved into Lightning, USB C or wireless. This relates to my speech and what Ive tries to do with industries.


A final note: In this post I realized how much my learning center is just to showcase Apple’s designs and what they have done over the years, as well as how Apple has innovated. My eminent project is not on Apple, it is on Jony Ive, however, when it comes down to it, Ive essentially designs all Apple devices hardware and software. He may not be the CEO of Apple(he could be if he wanted to), but he is the driving force behind Apple. Steve Jobs(Tim Cook now) is the guy who handles stocks and relationships with other companies, as well as introduce new items, but Ive is the one who creates them. So in my learning center I plan to make this as obvious as I can, whether through some poster, or having all my write-ups attribute things to Ive.