I felt my body tense up, a rigidity to a response, that one of a feeling, on of which not felt in a long time. No, it couldn’t be, yet…I felt that darkness creep into my soul, like a vile beast tearing through all. I disregarded it, there was no way that could be. I continue along my path, it is laid out for me like a trail through a forest, one to stay one; a safe haven awaits me. I continue on my journey with short strides, as I take in the sea breeze from the west, it’s salty spray practically teasing me, as I want to embrace it; it hates me and all my endeavours. I walk along the rocks on the edge of the bay, each one a calling. But all of these, nothing in the grand scheme of things, nothing of the true goal, nothing to me. I slow to a halt, and take in the sights around me one last time, before closing my eyes and collapsing. I am taken back again.