I’m running out of my nonexistent stockpiles of titles(in depth post #3)

This week, I met with my mentor again, and though of some of the questions posed by De Bono. We mostly discussed filmmaking, instead of After Effects, as this is something I will need to do first before I can apply VFX. To this, he showed me a video on Edgar Wright, and his stylistic way of doing visual comedy. This opened my mind to a whole new way of thinking, even though I am not making a comedy, I have seen what you can do in filmmaking when doing the unexpected, and how no one can tell you how to make a film, you have to make it your own. That is to say, you must remain within the fundamentals of filmmaking, but master them, and you can break them and uses whatever you can to your advantage; when done right, people will take notice and it will be astounding. This links together so many different aspects of what we have done, from incorporating the flexibility of what you can do in post production, and in contrast to what you do during production: to combine and make something that breaks bounds, yet remains within it’s own limits. This doesn’t only apply to this example, it also can refer to filmmaking as a whole, and linking everything together, to create something better than the sum of its parts. For this I am glad I am making my films myself(with the help of a few undecided actors as well), as I can incorporate my strengths from different parts to combat my weaknesses in others; something not possible without extensive planning and overview with a larger production team. This, relating to pulling interest in the matter, it certainly has, as Zack and I we’re able to discuss how I could do this, and came up with a lot of new concepts I wouldn’t have thought about on my own, but neither would have Zack; it is something only possible from our interaction. However to do all this we had to constantly reflect, and ask ourselves, what would happen if we took it in this direction or this? We experimented with what I could do later during production on how to improve, but we’ll just have to wait until then to see the results.

Since seeing Zack, I have been working on a screenplay, which is now 25 pages long and complete. While doing it, there weren’t really any questions I needed to ask him, as the whole point of a screenplay is to plan out what the director will do on set, and since I am the director, the screenplay really doesn’t need to make sense to anyone other than myself. However, I did support my mentors point with regards to Edgar Wright, by incorporating the techniques he would have used, putting my own spin on them, and adding them to the script. This has expanded my knowledge of this topic, as I am actively using and improving on(in my own way) it. This relates to modifying ideas to make it more acceptable to yourself and to make it stronger or more practical, as I am using techniques to my strengths, to counteract weaknesses, creating something that is a lot stronger than before. As for sharing a personal story that illustrates the conversation topic, I really didn’t do much of this, as Zack and I were almost always referring to third parties on ways to improve on ourselves, and as my in depth topic is something I haven’t explored much, so there is no story or examples I have of myself to start conversations or learn for.

Also if you want to see the screenplay it is here(only Ms. Mulder can see it[if signed into Google], I kinda don’t want other people looking at it as it is not a final product[it’s done but a screenplay is not a final product, the film is]).


  1. You are making steady progress. Thanks for sharing your script. It obviously lends itself well to many special effects. Important to have the right balance though.

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