First Post (I think)

Where are you(with respect to socials)?
I have not explored socials that much other than what I have been taught in school before. One area that I have explored is a little bit of philosophy, however these were never formal lessons, just talks with others on it and my own thoughts.

Where are you going?
I currently have no plans to learn more in this field other than what I will learn in school.

What interests you about this topic?
One thing that interests me about this topic is coming to my own conclusions on philosophy. This include things such as reasoning that we probably don’t exist and that we can never be certain on anything or even calculate the odds of anything. I also think about ideas that others have come up with such as Elon Musks’ theory that we must live in a simulation.

What challenges you about this topic?
What challenges me is the fact that with philosophy is that you can never base things off of concrete evidence, only speculation. Even though you might have a bit of evidence on something it is almost never enough to prove anything. Philosophy is really just a mind game of paradoxes, where nothing is certain except uncertainty.

What have we done/read/discussed so far that provides an example of the main or second focus?
Nothing really…We haven’t really talked about philosophy. (I think I’m doing this question wrong, sorry)


  1. Hi Nathan,

    What interests you about philosophy? Is it the ethical debates? Discussions about knowledge, truth, or wisdom? Or the study of the self, and who we are?

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