John A. MacMemorialized

Nathan Mr. Morris English April 18, 2018 How do the values of the past translate to the values of the present, and therefore our current actions? Through judging history’s values, statements about society’s current beliefs translate to our actions. One… Continue Reading →

In Depth Week 11

Since my last blog post, I only took photos at a few more events and they were SlamJam and a new car release at a dealership. I’m not going to touch on SlamJam in this post a lot as I… Continue Reading →

Canada’s Identity DOL

Disclaimer: I discuss a variety of topics related to racist and discriminatory policies in the late 1800s from the perspective of people at the time and how they justified it. If you are not comfortable with this, please refrain from… Continue Reading →

Document of Learning #2

How Tina Fontaine’s murder sparked change for the country. Tina Fontaine is among the thousands of missing and murdered indigenous women that have affected Canada in a severely negative way over the years. She was only 15 years old when… Continue Reading →

Historical Thinking Questions

How do we know what we do about the past? I believe this question is the most important question to address in socials this year. The past i defined as everything that has ever happened before us, while history is… Continue Reading →

Sourcing a Significant Object

Inquiry Question: What is the story of my camera? Source: My camera is a primary source as it’s existence and state directly relates to the question of what is it’s story. If the question were something along the lines of… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Post #4 (Week Seven)

I had the pleasure of taking photos at the talent show leadership event on February 16th where I got to work on some more of my skills. I took just over 250 photos an hour, which is what I’ve noticed… Continue Reading →

In Depth Week 5

Last week, I went downtown to the Shangri-La Hotel to take photos for a convention alongside my mentor. It was a great experience and something that was totally different to what I was used to. So far, most of the… Continue Reading →

Romeo’s Myers-Briggs Personality

Based on what I know of Romeo from Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet”, I can conclude that he has an ESFP type personality. Broken down, this means he shows the following traits: extraversion over introversion, sensing over intuition, feeling over… Continue Reading →

In-Depth 2.0 Week Three

I recently met with my mentor, Mark Kinskofer, for the first time in person on Monday. He is the director of Vision Photography ( in Vancouver and is extremely qualified. He has been doing event photography for 17 years now…. Continue Reading →

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